"Stephanie is extremely patient, approachable and always made me feel at ease. I had so many worries when I first went to see Stephanie and she used her knowledge to make sense of all of those things for me. Very much appreciated". - Leoni B

"I approached Stephanie last year to help me with some issues I had and I immediately felt she was someone who genuinely wanted to help me get to the origins of my issues. Our sessions were far from easy but Stephanie was relaxed and I was able to go into my past to address my issues and successfully achieve my goal. Stephanie is professional and caring and I would absolutely recommend her". - Kate B

"After being diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease, I tried many ways to relieve my symptoms naturally but was unsuccessful. But after the first session with Stephanie, she was able to narrow in on what might be at the root of my issue and after our sessions together, my symptoms had disappeared. Stephanie is professional, patient, devoted, accommodating and above all trustworthy." - Sheri

"Stephanie is a healer, professional and patient. In just a few sessions Stephanie  changed my life, healing me at the deepest levels of my consciousness and instilling confidence and strength.  I believe hypnosis can help people and Stephanie has proven that. I highly recommend her service and expertise. " - K.Stephens

"Meeting Stephanie, I immediately felt at ease with the human connection she has. I knew from the start that I would not be judged or frowned upon for anything I said or felt. A very safe environment to be in. I saw Stephanie for 4 sessions consecutively and each session started by her explaining what the therapy was going to be about and what the reason is for it and I would say that not only did the therapy reach that but it also helped me gain even more knowledge about myself and other issues I can work on. " - C. Carsten

"I approached Stephanie with an open mind. My first meeting, was like meeting a friend. We spoke about a variety of issues. Pinpointing the root cause. My sessions were then tailored to my needs. Each session I felt lighter and more able to deal with events on a day to day basis. Stephanie is a calm & caring person. I would highly recommend seeing Stephanie." - DC